We would like to inform you that we are marketing PABX- Intercom, Fax, Phone set, CCTV, PA (Sound) System and Install Electrical, Computer Network (LAN), PABX Related cable also. We have a team of Expert Engineers & Technicians, who have experience to installed different types & ranges of PABX, LAN, PA System & Electrical Work in Office/Factory/Apartment of Dhaka city and as well as outside of Dhaka city. Our price is competitive but service is unparallel & customer satisfaction is our main goal. We Believe in Better Relation Through Service.

We Provide:

Panasonic Brand PABX- Intercom, Fax, Telephone Set (Telecommunication Equipments )

Computer Networking (LAN), UPS, IPS.

CCTV, PA (Sound) System.

Electrical Layout Design with Wiring (Factory, Office, Apartment).

PABX, Fax, Electronics Equipments Repairing and Yearly Base Service.

Industrial Voltage Stabilizer, PFI, Electrical Sub- Station.

Lift Marketing, Installation & Modification

We are well equipped to repair only kind of Electronics Equipments with Service Guarantee.

If you have any query regarding about offer or related any technical matter, please do net hesitate to contract us and you our detail information.

Thanks for Co- operation and Sorry for Inconvenience.

Thanking you and wishing Your Best.

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